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To be viewed as a business current with today's internet trends a properly functioning and responsive designed website is a must. A responsive website means your website responds to the size of device its being viewed on. The mobile experience and the desktop experience are completely different but must feel the same to your customers. Whether a customer views your website from their mobile phone, work computer or home laptop the experience from their perception should feel the same.

The Speenz platforms is responsive and delivers the same easy viewing experience from all device types. Using a Speenz website has many additional perks for your business. Every website created on the Speenz platform is packed with tools and features that make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Additionally every website built with speenz technology provides a suite of online marketing and lead generation tools for the business. Every detail put into the construction of a Speenz website is designed with two main objectives in mind. 

1: Make it easy for the website visitors to contact you. 
2: Make it easy for you to reach more customers on the devices they use the most, their cell phone.

Great mobile device experience

You absolutely must provide a great mobile device experience for your customers. Your customers and potential clients expect this level of convenience. Your website should easily view on any device type. Another great benefit of building your website with Speenz is the lifetime updates automatically included. Never again will you need to rebuild your website once you become a Speenz customer. As technology changes, new devices enter the market, new online trends arise, the Speenz platform continually updates for no additional charge to our customers. Speenz engineers are constantly updating the platform and its capabilities.

The Speenz objective is to create a lifelong relationship with our customers. Whether you have an existing website already or plan to build more in the future with other providers your Speenz website will always provide a lasting value. Maybe it be our already implemented email campaign features, free design support, on page SEO tools, lead management tools, shopping cart features or social media  share pages, your Speenz website can always be a valuable online tool for your business.

How to make your website become mobile-friendly

Google recently rolled out its mobile-first algorithm which gives more ranking favor to mobile-optimized pages. Here’s how you can get started:

Choose a mobile-responsive theme 

Due to the clamor for mobile-friendly websites, various website builder platforms offer mobile-friendly themes. These pre-coded designs are ideal for non-coders who want to reach a wider audience. It also saves you from the hassle of starting from scratch. 

Use proper button sizes

Your website button (add to cart, read more, etc.) may look fine on a desktop view, but it will be different when it comes to mobile. Aside from choosing a proper theme, you should also resize your buttons so it will be easy to use on small screens.

Compress your CSS and images

By compressing the images and CSS codes of your website, you can expect faster loading time. This way, your website will consume fewer resources when viewed on mobile devices. Make sure that your images are visually appealing but not taxing to website speed

Perform regular mobile testing

Aside from tailoring your site to fit on a small screen, you should also ensure that its performance is at par with the latest search engine standards. Regularly test your website on smartphones and tablets to check its overall functionality. 

Opt for large fonts

It’s way harder to read on a small screen. If you have a very small font, it would be impossible to read it on a smaller screen. It’s best to use 14px fonts as these are easier to the eyes.

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