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Launching a website is not an end but a means to an end for a business. Much work and consideration goes into a website before and after its launching. Once the website is made, its owner must update the content and advertise the website. The world of online marketing sounds similar to that of any other type of marketing. Many means can help you advertise your website including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertisements, AdWords and more. All of these let you advertise your website on various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Of these, the most feasible option is the model of SEO. It is way through which you can improve the ranking of your website on the result page of the search engine. Picture yourself searching for anything on an engine. The reason results appear after the search ends is because their SEO matches the most with the word you searched. It takes more than just matching keywords to improve the ranking of your webpage. Try these tips to help your website become more SEO friendly.

Use SEO for pictures
This is a less common practice. Usually people do engine optimization for the text based content on the website. But they forget that a lot of users also research for images on Google. Therefore, using SEO for the same can give you an edge over the competitors. It is important to remember that the image size used in your website should be small because large images tend to make your site load more slowly and that can negatively impact your ranking.

Do lesser coding with JavaScript
A lot of web designers make a mistake of using and creating the website using JavaScript only. While the search engine finds a result for your search, it goes through the coding of your website. The search engine has a difficulty in reading the JavaScript and that can lead to a lower ranking of your website. Additionally, JavaScript does not work well on mobile phones and this can further affect the ranking of your website.

Social media integration
If you integrate your website with your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and LinkedIn. Then your website's ranking goes up.

Stick to an easy design
For your website to have an SEO friendly design, it should have an accessible design which can produce high conversion rate.

Your website should be mobile friendly in order to get a higher ranking on the search engine.

Do keep in mind all these pointers when you opt for an SEO model. Make sure to take an expert opinion from your web designer regarding SEO. Good luck!

How to know that your website is SEO friendly

For organizations that barely have any knowledge about SEO, it can be tricky to determine if their website is SEO-friendly. To help you out, answer the following questions to know how your website fares:

Is your domain secure?

First thing's first: is your website secured by an SSL certificate? A secure website will have an https:// domain. If yours doesn't have this yet, your website will lose points in the SEO department.

Search Console

Is your Google console all set up?

Google console is a free tool that you can use to monitor your website's presence and traffic on the web. It's one of the basic tools used by every SEO expert in Arizona.

Do you optimize for low competition keywords?

Keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO. Although some may argue that they are not as important as they used to be, there's no denying that it's still indispensable.

Do you produce regular content?

If your website hasn't been updated with new content for months, expect to rank lower. In SEO, content is king and it's a must to publish new copies at least once a month.

How is your website’s page speed?

Page speed is a major Google ranking factor. If your pages take longer than three seconds to load, your site is going to be less SEO-friendly.

If your website doesn't have any of these much-needed criteria, you should consider revamping your website.

Why you need an SEO friendly website in 2020

Aside from local listing services in Arizona, you should also invest your time and resources into SEO. For 2020, SEO-friendly websites will shine due to the following reasons:

It boosts your brand credibility

Websites that can be found on the first page of SERP results are perceived to be more trustworthy. So if your website ranks high, you will enjoy a better brand reputation. So for 2020, consider investing in SEO monthly packages in Arizona to reap this benefit.

It yields higher ROI

Internet marketing in Arizona and search engine optimization, in particular, will boost your business' bottom line. Since you will rank higher, you will also enjoy higher click-through rates. And with engaging content and a properly set up sales funnel, your website will experience more conversion

This process will directly increase your income while spending less. Take note that the effect of SEO lasts for months, even after you have finished paying an SEO expert.

It will boost your mobile presence

The SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly factors always come hand in hand. So if you want to increase your online presence for 2020, you should aim for better SEO strategies.

An SEO-friendly website will also increase your mobile presence. Take note that more than half of the web's traffic now comes from mobile devices. What's more, Google launched its mobile-first indexing, giving more ranking edge for mobile-optimized sites.

Save money from paid clicks

Instead of continuing to pay for PPC campaigns in 2020, you should aim for a long-term plan. Small business SEO packages in Arizona are a great way to start this. An expert will get your website started at a lower cost. Aside from that, the effects of SEO will still be at work even after you're done paying.

Online Marketing in Arizona

Steps to make your website SEO friendly

As part of online marketing in Arizona, you should take the following steps to make your website more SEO-friendly.

Use user-friendly URLs

Always use user-friendly and easy-to-remember URLs. Instead of a string of numbers and letters, utilize your categories and page titles. That way, the URL becomes a breadcrumb to the path of a specific page. This makes your website more navigable. Also, if you're going to separate words in a URL, use hyphens instead of underscores.

Make it accessible across platforms

You should also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Your pages should load properly across devices so you will enjoy as much traffic as you can muster.

In addition to looking good, you should check if the functionality of your website is intact on different devices. Aside from doing your visitors a big favor, it will also earn you ranking points from Google.

Don’t resort to keyword stuffing

While it's true that you should optimize using keywords, you should avoid stuffing your content with them. Google can detect keyword stuffing and will penalize pages that practice this. A keyword density of 0.5% is the maximum range, though some opt for fewer repetitions.

Use an inclusive design

An inclusive design involves easy-to-navigate pages. Also, the main elements of your pages should load even if the internet connection of the visitor is poor. That way, you can reduce bounce rates and keep your visitors on your website.

Link internally

Aside from acquiring backlinks, you should also utilize internal links. That way, you can distribute the weight of your high-ranking pages to newer pages. Aside from that, internal linking helps your visitors navigate around your website. Also, it's a great way to bring a site visitor into your sales funnel.

Duplicate Content

Do not use duplicate content

Duplicate content is a no-no. As much as you want to update your website, you should only use unique and high-quality copy.

Take note that Google detects duplicate content and penalizes the websites that use this tactic.

Besides, one post a month would be ideal for most websites. If you plan to publish more, always stick to original and plagiarism-free content. Make sure that you optimize your keywords on these posts.

Use proper headings

Instead of drowning your visitors in a sea of text, organize your content into separate subheadings. This way, your content can be easy to skim. Aside from that, structured content will help search engines index your pages.


Making your website more website-friendly will benefit your business in many ways. It will boost your income, improve your branding, and increasing awareness for your business.

If you don't have the technical knowledge about optimization, you can hire SEO services in Arizona. That way, you can enjoy the benefit of better traffic without the headache of marketing your site yourself.
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