10 advanced search engine optimization techniques that will increase your organic traffic
Search engine optimization is always changing and evolving. Attracting customers by search engine optimization is a challenging task because you are fighting with the competitors who have already established themselves on various search engines. But by using diverse SEO techniques, it will improve your site visibility and have a positive effect on sales.

The ten best techniques that generate more traffic are:

1.Link building
Link building is a SEO technique that brings leading links back to your website if other sites pick up your content. Search engine optimization does better when you add natural links into your website.

2. Optimize your website for all search engines
Google is the king, but don't forget other search engines too. Do on-page optimization and off-page optimization to get your website on top of all search engine rankings.

3. Create and optimize landing pages
Search engine optimization will be better if you use landing pages as it improves the chances of your website to be on the top, provided that the person clicks on the content that is on your website. For this, you need to do link building to get ranked higher.

4. Strong presence on social media sites

SEO marketing services should include the use of various social media pages to drive traffic to your website. When you publish new content on your website or blogs, make sure that you post it on various social media pages as well.

5. Use quality content
It is important to ensure that the content is good so that readers will like consuming it and will motivate them to visit again and again. Also, do on-page optimization and off-page optimization of your content.

6. Make a super fast mobile-friendly website
All customers will be satisfied and happy with pages that are uploaded without any disruption on their mobile devices. For this, cut down all the unnecessary information on your website.

7. Use catchy headlines
Headlines grab the reader’s attention more quickly than other content. Your content should be bolstered with impressive and attractive headlines that include keywords.

8. Use of relevant keywords
Targeting your customers with keywords is important, but you should avoid increasing the density of keywords in the content.

9. Create the best user experience
Try to enhance the customer experience by helping people navigate your website.

10. Incorporate voice search
Improve your SEO by adding a voice recording option on your website and let your customers enjoy their search without the hassle of typing.

Proper search engine optimization involves both on-page optimization and off- page optimization which improves your ranking and brings in more traffic to your website. Speenz implements all the techniques listed above so that you have a clear lead capture form, a sales page and detailed product pages for your website.

Avoid these 10 mistakes:

As much as the 10 advanced SEO tips above are fool-proof, you should ensure that you’re not committing these mistakes as well. The following can sabotage your search engine optimization in Arizona and affect other SEO methods you’re using.

1. Using unoriginal content
The biggest mistake you can ever do in SEO is publishing content that’s not yours. Google penalizes this and your website might be heavily sanctioned. Take note that in Google, there are no second chances.

2. Not updating content
The content you’ve written in the past years is already outdated in terms of information and optimization. Take time to refresh this with content extension and relevant keywords. Small business SEO packages in Arizona can do this for you.

3. Forgetting about meta descriptions and tags
Aside from stellar content, optimizing meta description and meta tags are also important to boost your visibility on the web. These two aspects of your website are some of the essential ranking factors of many search engines.

Using irrelevant internal links

4. Using irrelevant internal links
Internal linking is another ranking factor that you should pay attention to. Using a link of a post with irrelevant content won’t do your SEO any good. Google will detect this and think that you’re trying to scam their algorithms.

5. Not creating relationships with influencers
Search engine optimization in Arizona doesn’t stop at publishing and sharing your content. You can increase brand awareness by partnering with social media influencers. Going it alone without the help of influencers is a hard and lonely road to walk down.

6. Skipping analytics
Without tracking your progress, you won’t have any idea about your website’s footing. Although it’s not your forte, don’t disregard the numbers. Instead, use it as the foundation of your succeeding SEO moves.

Not optimizing images

7. Not optimizing images
Even with outstanding content, your posts won’t get noticed without the addition of some photos. Aside from putting eye-catching photos on your pages, make sure that you optimize it too using alt text and tags.

8. Forgetting website crawling
Regardless if your SEO tactics are all set, failing to let search engines crawl your site will have a huge impact on your website’s rankings. Make sure that search engines are allowed with your robot.txt file and that you submit your sitemap accordingly.

9. Getting substandard leads
Traffic with high bounce rates isn’t the best leads to get to your websites. These visitors aren’t interested in using your service or in exploring other pages on your site. This is due to using irrelevant keywords and posting on forums unrelated to your niche. It can happen even to your PPC management in Arizona.

10. Succumbing to black hat tactics
“Cheating” the search engines is a no-no. Google and other search engines will soon find out about this and penalize your site. Some of the black hat SEO tactics are keyword stuffing, content stealing, cloaking, and duplicating.

Search engine optimization in Arizona can be easier if you tap the help of experts. They are equipped with the right skills and tools to get SEO right.

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