Importance of Jump to links
If you ask many of today's experts in the Search Engine Optimization world on what the fundamental Google Search Engine Ranking Factors are, they would tell you immediately three primary factors:

  • Backlinks
  • Overall Links
  • Pages that comprehensively discuss relevant topics

And the backbone of a successful backlink and content building campaign is an effective keyword research. An online marketing endeavor that doesn't utilize the right keywords is like a ship navigating through uncharted seas without a map and compass.

Then there are SEO methods and techniques that will help an online marketer achieve better search rankings in Google. One of them is Jump to Links SEO Hack, a little known Search Engine Optimization technique that brings in superb results if done the right way.

A higher Level of on-page Search Engine Optimization

Before we begin, you ought to know that Jump to Links SEO Hack is a higher level on page search engine optimization method applicable for existing pages that are ranking well in Google related searches. Now if none of your website's pages are enjoying some form of organic traffic or search visibility in Google, the Jump to Links SEO Hack will unfortunately not be a suitable technique for you and perhaps the best path would be to learn and understand the basics of SEO first.

on-page Search Engine Optimization

If you have pages that are already ranking in Google, then read on because you will know what the benefits of Jump to Links SEO hack are, how they can help you in your search engine optimization endeavours, how to create a link to Jump, and finally the step by step guide in implementing the SEO technique.

First off, to reap the benefits of Jump to Links SEO hack, it would be wise to execute an SEO audit on all your current pages. Once you have successfully completed the audit, conduct a keyword research or find someone who can do it for you through proven-effective keyword search software. Refrain from using free tools in this undertaking to enjoy the best results. Once you have established these steps, find a suitable page on your website that is not difficult to rank in which you will funnel some organic traffic too.

Now one of the primary benefits of jump to links SEO Hack that you will instantly notice after you have implemented the SEO technique is an increased average time that a user spends on your web pages. You can expect an improvement of a minute or two than the usual time they spend on your site which in effect reduces bounce rate and sends a positive signal to Google's crawler bots. A lot of this has to do with the kind of ease and functionality that the user can experience because of the Jump to Links which we will discuss below.

Aside from these, you can also expect jump to links to provide your web pages with these key benefits:

  • Your web page becomes more user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Your links will easily be recognized by Google
  • Improvement in page ranking
  • Lessens bounce rate
  • Improved crawling and indexing

within jump to links

2. How does within-page jump links affect SEO and crawling?

Studies have shown that it would be easier to rank existing pages than new ones. Jump to Links SEO is effective because it allows you to focus on enhancing your existing pages and refrain from having to spend considerable resources on constructing new ones.

Fresh content is not only tedious to make, but they will also demand a lot of time and energy to rank in Google related searches. When you focus your SEO efforts on existing pages, you will enjoy a higher chance of generating more traffic and impressions that are one of the main Google search engine ranking factors.

And the thing is Google allocates a different crawl budget for every site. For authority sites that cater huge audiences and draw in significant amounts of traffic regularly, Google will take the extra mile to crawl those sites on a daily basis. For new sites and blogs, Google will not exert the same amount of crawling effort no matter how consistently they generate relevant posts.

Improve page ranking with jump to links

It certainly sounds unfair but we need to realize that Google is a business. When the search engine crawls a website, money and resources will inevitably have to be spent. So every time Google decides to crawl a certain website, it will expend money in the process. This is the primary reason why Google refrains from crawling newly spawned websites.

What's more, if you put into consideration the fact that every day 571 new websites make their way to the World Wide Web, it would make sense for Google to cherry pick the sites that they crawl. It would simply be too costly if they cater any and all websites especially if you consider another fact that almost 65% of newly created websites will cease to exist in less than four months.

With that being said, to take full advantage of Google's crawling allocation, you will have to give Google the right reasons that you are worth the investment. Jump to Links SEO Hack are one of the techniques that you can use to allow Google to crawl your site with ease.

3. Step by Step Guide to "Implement Jump to Links"

Finally, here is a step by step guide on how to create a Link to jump. Try to read through every step so you will have a full grasp of how the process works. So without further ado, let's move to the first part which is all about Google related searches.

Google Related Searches

To understand how Jump to Links SEO hack works with Google related searches, follow these easy steps:

  • Choose a page in your website
  • Select the main or seed keyword that you want to work on
  • After you have selected the appropriate keyword, use it in Google's search feature
  • Make your way to the bottom most area of the search results
  • In the area, you will see a set of keywords that are related to the keyword that you typed

This feature is called the Google related searches feature. It displays all the other searches that people are looking into in relation to your keywords. Simply put, Google is handing you a set of keywords that you could optimize in one of your pages.

Now if you click any of the keywords highlighted in the Google related searches, it will direct you to another set of Google related searches keywords at the bottom-most portion of the page. Do you see any keywords that you aren't optimizing on? If you do, then you will know what to improve on your page.

The use Google Analytics, which is linked to Google related searches, to check for the existence of search impressions that relate to your chosen keyword.

  • Go to Google Analytics' web page
  • Use its Acquisition tab
  • Select Search Console
  • Select landing pages
  • Choose the page URL
  • Input the related keyword in its search box

You can also use any kind of paid keyword research tool to locate search keywords for your chosen web page that you have not optimized or generated content on.

Create additional content

The second step in your Jump to Links SEO Hack is to create a new and useful content surrounding that search keyword. If the search query is something that you are deeply familiar with, then it would be easier to write an insightful content about the topic. If not, then you may have to do some research so you can generate a helpful content that would be worthwhile to your readers.

You can write a 400-word article on the search query and it would do just fine. Bear in mind that when you add the content relating to the search query in one of your web page, never use them as mere phrases. Consider the extra content as integrating a mini blog post in your page and not several phrases that you can simply include in its body.

Jump to links SEO

Creating a brand new page may not necessary

Now if there are no monthly searches for the type of query that you chose, then it may not be necessary to create a brand new page for it. It would be a complete waste of your precious time and energy as there not enough people looking for it on Google anyway. But if the search volume is significantly high, then this would be the time to bring in a new page dedicated solely to it.

Place them in the H2 Header

The third step of your Jump to Links SEO hack would be to put the links of your chapters to an H2 header section on the page to enjoy optimum results. You might be asking why in H2 and not on any other heading? This is because the H2 heading in your web page will tell Google that the segment is not the primary priority of the page's content. Now if there are no H2 headers on the web page, it would be wise to include two or more of them on the table of content that you will bring in.

Table of contents

There are two possible ways to create a table content for your jump to links SEO hack: 

But why do you need to have a table of content anyway? Having a table of content that contains links on every distinct part or section of the page will give the user complete freedom on which parts of the web he or she wants to view or access. Overall, it improves user experience and this is one of the most important Google search engine ranking factors that you need to succeed on.

For instance, it could be that a user is already knowledgeable on the engine performance of a certain car and would want to skip that part so he or she can focus on its other features like interior technologies. The person has no intention of reading the engine performance of that car again but would want some information on its heating and cooling features and other interior amenities so it can make the right decision.

This way, you are aiding your user to get what he or she needs or is looking for a lot faster and quicker and by making the user's life easier, Google will reward your page that used Jump to Links SEO hack.

WordPress Table of Content Plus plugin

Wordpress has a plugin known as Table of Content Plus which you can use for free so you can create your own table of content without undergoing the complicated coding process. So you can access the Table of Content Plus, follow these easy steps:

Go to Word press and choose the Plugins function. Then click add new in the left navigation.

Select Table of Content Plus and click return.

Install the plugin and activate after successful installation.

After activation, make your way through the plugins function and go to the settings below Table of Content Plus.

Choose Advance in its setting and ensure that heading 2 is the only one that is used so that h2 headings will only be attached in your table of contents.

When you are finished with the minor tweaks, click Save.

Visit the page you are enhancing and integrate the shortcode.

Add back to top anchor links

You might also want to include a "back to top" anchor links all over the web page so your users can jump through its content with ease like it was skimming an Ebook. Through HTML or source code format integrate the following on top of the table of content. Then set up the following after each section or on top of the next h2 heading in the source or HTML view.

Links in Table of Contents to "jump to a specific page"

Having links in the table of contents is important for easy navigation. If you make a very long article, it would be easy for the reader to click on the link to jump to a specific part of the page. No more scrolling the whole page.

 jump links

For example, you have a table of contents at the top of your article. You can link every section to a particular spot in the post, so users can read directly the information needed. 

The good news is, this is very easy to do. However, you need to access the HTML section of your editor.  Here’s how.

1. Create a Name for the Link’s Destination

In a usual linking situation, you need a URL of an outside source to link something in your page. But in this case, the link’s destination and origin are on the same page. So you need to create a name for the destination of the link.

I suggest using a word or a phrase that depicts the link’s destination. Don’t leave any spaces if you use a phrase because it can cause issues in older browsers. Instead, use underscores. 

Let’s say you wanted to link “methods to increase SEO” in the second section of the table contents. The object’s name should be “methods_to_increase_SEO”.

2. Insert the Name in the Opening HTML Anchor Link Tag

Replace the red text with the name you selected in the previous step:

So, taking the example from the previous step, the HTML anchor link tag looks like this:

3. Add a Closing Tag

Together with the full opening tag, add the closing tag. The code should look like this:

This is the Methods to Increase SEO section I want to link to.

4. Make the Hyperlink

Now, find the part of the article that you’d like the link to jump to. Instead of using a URL, you need to include the hashtag symbol (#) in this case. Here’s what the code likes like now:

Methods to Increase SEO Section.

table of contents seo

Finally, you have a functioning hyperlink on your table of contents. If this is too complicated for you, you can ask the help from an SEO expert, like Speenz.

In a Google search snippet, the “jump to” link is usually highlighted in blue. It serves as a hyperlink to certain parts of the page. It’s beneficial because Google can offer a specific result to users searching for that particular information.

Here are other advantages.

Increase Traffic

With the “jump to” link in the search snippet, users will be able to find the answer that they’re looking for in an instant. No more reading through the entire post. Just click the link and they’ll be directed to the answer of their search query right away.

Now, as users get fast answers to their search queries, it brings more traffic. You also get more traffic simply by sitting on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). So if your rivals are taking the top spot of the SERPS, get featured snippets to rule them over.

High Click Through Rate

More traffic means higher click -through rate (CTR). You want a high CTR to get higher conversion rates. With a “jump to” link in your featured snippet, you can immediately stand out from all the other search results.

In 2019, it’s no longer enough to get the number one spot of the SERPs. You need to land a featured snippet so you can demonstrate your thought leadership. Be earnest with your keyword research and determine the ways to land that featured snippet that you wish for.

More Visibility

As your featured snippet sits on top of the SERPs, you gain the highest visibility. High visibility means more exposure to potential customers. Of course, you don’t want to disappoint them when they click your link on the SERPs. You want to provide the quickest answer as possible. This is where “jump to” links in featured snippets come into play.

Visibility is important in a business if you want to stand out in a large group of competitors. It would be hard to get the #0 position since more competitors are eyeing on this top spot. So if you’re thinking of optimizing your website for featured snippets, do it as early as now.

Increase Brand Awareness

As soon as users see your featured snippet on top of the SERPs, they can form a better idea about your business. Google usually considers a featured snippet as a reliable source. If you’re featured as one, then people will consider your brand as someone authoritative.

Brand awareness is one factor that affects the purchasing decision of consumers. If more people remember your brand, you have higher chances of converting more sales as you’re the first brand that comes to mind. It also encourages consumers to keep coming back and patronize your brand. People refer to purchase names they trust and can easily relate to.

Standing Out on Mobile Devices

Don’t you know that voice searches on Android and Google home only display featured snippets? That’s why you need to land a featured snippet so you can be included in the voice search results on mobile devices. A lot of people are using mobile devices nowadays so it’s just right to keep up with the times.

Featured snippets also attract more attention in mobile search results. So how do you seize this most coveted position? You can optimize your URLs, content, and use target keywords that are common on the top search results.

When making content for your site, follow the Q&A formula. Google treats featured snippets as the answers and the search queries as questions. Think of all possible questions connected to your covered topic and ensure that your content answers those queries.

The answer should be concise without any vagueness. Try to put additional information that adds value to the user. If you find this challenging, you can use Adwords and Google suggestion feature.

How Jump to Links Help Your Website

Make long content more navigable

For long content with numerous chapters and headers, jump to links will help a reader select the part that answers their query. An SEO expert in Arizona can help you set this up on your website, though it’s only beneficial for high-ranking pages.

Remember that internet users have very short attention spans. A sea of text can easily put off a reader, especially if they have to scroll to the bottom just to find the content they need. This isn’t an ideal situation for online marketing in Arizona.

Jump to links

Increased dwell time

Dwell time is set to become a major ranking factor. This refers to how long your site visitor stayed on your page. A high dwell time is an indication that you have engaging and useful content that directly answers a visitor's query.

So how does dwell time relate to jump links? By giving the internet user direct access to the portion of your content, you're reducing the bounce rate. Aside from that, you can easily engage them with your content through instant and thorough answers. Small business SEO packages in Arizona can help you here!

Better content structure

Better content structure

It’s rare for an internet user to sift through thousands of words just to find the portion that they need. The mobile platform is a fast-paced world full of users who want immediate results. So with structured content, you can easily earn a click through the jump to link.

If you're not well-versed with the technicality of SEO, you can invest in SEO monthly packages in Arizona to setup jump to links, among other strategies.

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