SEO Marketing Techniques for Different Generations

SEO marketing done properly is as easy as following a few fundamental guidelines. You can do your own search engine optimization (SEO) without a high-end internet and information technology consultants. However, you must first know the fundamentals and have the necessary tools to implement.

Your marketing efforts will generate the best outcomes if you know SEO very well. An optimized website can generate leads and increase organic traffic. When dealing with SEO, make sure that you target the right audience.

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In this article we’ll look at how to use SEO marketing to target different generations.

What Is SEO Marketing?

What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing is the creation of a website with the proper infrastructure, images, and descriptive explanations. It also includes the best keyword combinations that best describe your business and support of associated resources outside your site.

The main goal of SEO marketing is to increase the visibility of your website on the search engine result pages. SEO marketing constantly changes as Google and other search engines revamp the way they work. As much as possible, Google attempts to provide the best results to the users.

Basically, Google uses a complicated algorithm to rank every website. There are a lot of things that go into the algorithm, but the three primary things are:


This algorithm measures the uniqueness and value of your content. Let's say you're selling statement bags but you're copying the description of your competitor. This shows no originality, so you'll have a poor ranking. To get a high score on this algorithm, offer a unique information, like proper care and maintenance.


Google tries to display the most credible sites to their users. Having negative reviews won't help you at this point. To gain trust for your website, link to some authoritative sites, like industry reports and government articles.


Google prefers famous websites. To gain popularity, build a fan base. Create a social network that allows people to share your page.

In simple terms, SEO marketing is just a process of demonstrating to Google that your site is highly credible, authoritative, and special. Create good quality content and let your visitors speak about you so Google will be more certain that your site provides the best result.

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Who Are The Baby Boomers?

If you're born between 1946 and 1964, then you're a Baby Boomer. You can say that the oldest Baby Boomer is 72 and the youngest is 54 at this time. Your parents and grandparents could be part of this generation.

Baby Boomers belong to the large population increase that came after the World War II and the Great Depression. Good for them that they haven't experienced the war like their parents. This generation was the Flower Children who protested against the Vietnam war.

Since Baby Boomers didn't experience the Great Depression, they became the great consumers. They're known to spend each dollar they earned, fueling the world economies. They were part of the first Western Generation to live lavishly with two cars in each garage.

The formative years of Baby Boomers are influenced by:

  • The Cold War and nuclear threats from Russia
  • A time of unrivaled national optimism and wealth
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • The confidence boosted from sending a man to the moon

One of the major events that molded this generation was the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The Vietnam War also had a large effect on this generation. From these tragic events, they learned how to work together to make a change.

Details are significant to them since they witnessed how the legislative details helped stop the Vietnam War and begun the civil rights movement. The first man on the moon also showed endless possibilities for this generation. They realized that everything was possible, hence the confidence and optimism that they share.

The Free love Movement was a huge impact on this generation. This allowed them to explore the world and themselves. The majority of this generation went to college and some of them hold high positions in a company which makes them time-stressed.

Because of the events above, Boomers tend to be practical and politically correct. They're also easily driven by cause and consensus. They tend to break the norms and really want to make a better world.

How To Let The Baby Boomers Listen To You

Now that you know which events influenced the Baby Boomers, and how they view the world, let's learn how you can best relate to them. You use keywords that connect to them so they'll feel understood. You need to build rapport so they'll become involved with you more readily.

The words that resonate with Baby Boomers include:

  • Crate a difference
  • Imagine if
  • Try new things
  • Benefits

So if you're attempting to convince a Baby Boomer to buy your product (let's say an aircon inverter), say something like "The company feels that offering this aircon inverter will create a difference in your home. The inverter technology will give you savings. Imagine cutting down your electricity bills. It's a great benefit for everybody!".

Most Effective Ways To Reach Baby Boomers

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Reach Baby Boomers?

Contrary to what you might think, Baby Boomers are tech savvy and they spend as much time online as you. According to the DMN3 study, Baby Boomers spend most of their time online using the search engines, email, and shopping for products. This means you can reach effectively reach the Baby Boomers if you use the search and email marketing channels.

Nothing beats the search engines when it comes to online marketing. Compared to social media and videos, Baby Boomers respond use the search engines to:

  • Look for more data online
  • Visit a company website
  • Create a purchase
  • Visit a retailer or store
  • Think more positively regarding a topic of interest
  • Call or contact a business

Using search engines to connect with your target audience takes many forms. This includes Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing. No matter what form you'll use, there's no replacement for offering exciting and relevant content that meets the Baby Boomers' need for information.

How To Sell And Talk To Gen Xers

Unlike their predecessors, Gen X is less trusting of brands. They're naturally skeptical given the many tragedies that they have witnessed over the years. So don't give them your word alone. You have to show that your business can offer what they're searching for. Despite the initial hesitation, Gen X is the most loyal customers once you win their hearts.

This generation is still in-store shoppers even if they've fully adopted online purchasing because they grew up without it. Make sure that you provide a seamless experience in your online site to give a positive user experience. More than any generation, Gen Xers enjoy coupons and reward programs.

When deciding a purchase, Gen Xers favor third-party research and information-based content. Therefore, you should invest in paid search and SEO. Visual content isn't much that important to this older generation so highlight the value of your brand through buying guides and trustworthy third-party reviews.

While Millennials and Gen Zers have a high ownership of smartphones, Generation X has the highest ownership of personal computers. They like to use Facebook but still prefer email as a means of communication.

Social Media for Gen X

Gen X And Social Media

You might think that Gen X are not adept at Social media, but you're wrong. Although they didn't have a hold on Social Media first, they're more network savvy that you might have given them credit for. They have taken these large networks and turned them into quality tools for corporate networking and doing business.

From no technology to modern technology, surely, Generation X has seen the technological development right before their eyes. Consider this generation your highest educated group. Offer facts, interview-type articles, or education-based products to allure them into complete online engagement.

This generation responds well to emails, so use it to your benefit. Build an email marketing campaign and send them three encouraging posts weekly straight to their inbox. As the most financially responsible for all demographics, grab their loyalty with online deals and freebies.

Top 10 SEO Marketing Strategies For Generation X

Top 10 SEO Marketing Strategies For Generation X

Launching your own website is good for your business but that doesn't end there. You need to stand out from the many competitors on the web. Remember, no traffic means no profits.

Generation X is probably the hardest audience to aim your SEO content. How do Generation Xers find you? These 10 SEO marketing strategies will help increase your online visibility and qualified traffic.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

In most cases, you can treat Generation X like Generation Y and focus on giving a mobile-friendly site. More than 50% of this generation own a smartphone and many are also using tablets. Contrary to popular belief, this generation can handle technology well even if they were born without them.

As more people access websites through their mobile devices, it's becoming more important to make sure that they can still use the full functionality of your website. Here are some points why you should make your website mobile-friendly:

You'll alienate a large part of your audience if you don't have a site that can adapt to mobile devices. Also, it gives a bad user experience if your visitors need to zoom into the content to read it. They'll abandon your site for sure if it doesn't look good on the screen of their mobile device.

With the rollout of Google's Mobile-First Indexing, a mobile-friendly website will be given priority in the search rankings.

Like any other generation, Gen Xers will leave your page if it loads more than three seconds on a mobile device. Mobile-friendly websites depend on speed and design. Avoid using large images and Flash because they'll slow down your site.

To make your site mobile-friendly, you need to make it responsive. A responsive website adjusts the layout according to the mobile device you use. This is a standard strategy that captures your Gen X mobile users.

You should allow dynamic serving to load the right content onto the URL. Creating a mobile sub-domain is also a good idea. This directs mobile visitors to the mobile website.

Let Speenz help you create a mobile-friendly website. Our website creator program gets your business ready for mobile devices. Included is a set of tools and features to assist you in managing and developing your business from a smartphone.

Use Straightforward Keywords

Keywords are the fuel that drives SEO marketing because they prompt Google to show your content. Since your consumers are using keywords to search for particular products or service, you should optimize your content using the keywords that you assume your consumers will use.

A significant starting point is to conduct a keyword research to learn which keywords do well on your website. Here the steps:

  • First, brainstorm the words that you assume your customers might be searching for on the internet
  • Next, search related terms on Google at the bottom of the page
  • Lastly, find the keywords that are already been used by people to search your site. You can use Google Analytics for this matter.

Once you know these effective keywords, incorporate them into your content to increase your site's organic traffic. Focus every piece of content on a different keyword phrase and use the same keyword only once.

Gen Xers have seen so many tragedies, like the start of the Gulf War, the divorce rates increasing, and career situations changing. That's why most of them are pragmatic in nature. Thanks to MTV, they learn how to be individualistic and see material wealth in a different light.

To connect with the Generation X, use keywords that reverberate with them. Let them know what's in it for them so they can be tempted to take any action. You'll surely win their attention and hearts when you do this.

Some of the keywords that they respond well are "best" and "benefit". Let's say you're selling shoes. You can use the keywords "the best flats for women" or "the best wedge shoes for women".

Write Quality Content

Content is key when making an SEO-friendly post. Spend a lot of time to ensure that your content will be enjoyed by users and not shallowly skim over it. Make content enticing, vibrant, and best of all informational.

When making content targeted to Generation X, focus on the values that they cherish, like self-reliance, resilience, and independence. Write factual information because this generation has the highest education of all. They won't believe you if your content uses improper language and lacks research.

Avoid being too optimistic because Gen Xers have seen the worse in life. Focus on what they can get from your website to get their attention. Don't make quizzes because they hate them the most.

Compared to other generations, Gen Xers love reading long articles of at least 500 words so be sure to create a long blog content and web pages. Include more information and break it up with headings and bold text. Emphasize results since this generation likes data.

Tips To Make Quality Content

Here are other tips to make a quality content:

Be Original: Google favors original content. When you copy the content of other people, Google will penalize you and downgrade your ranking. Have you observed that there are no ezine articles found on top of Google rankings anymore?.

Create Strong Headlines: A good headline grabs the attention of readers. Remember, more people will the headline than the actual content.

Make It Actionable: Your content should provide a sense of how to implement the information. Gen Xers don't want to be told what to do. So respect them and assure them that they know best how to utilize the material.

Offer Answers: For your content to be recognized by Google and Generation X, provide answers to their impart new knowledge and skills.

Be Accurate: Of course, you need to be precise with your report and source of information to build trust. Misleading and false information will tarnish your company's business. As much as possible, provide a source for any statistic.

Email Campaigns

Many people rarely see the link between email campaign and SEO. As you might assume, Google doesn't index your personal email content so how could it impact your ranking? Simple. The engagement and response that you receive from your emails can improve your SEO ranking.

More than Facebook and other social media platforms, Gen X check their email more frequently. Take advantage of this fact and reach to them with this off-site optimization strategy.

Make Email Campaign SEO Friendly

Here are some ways to make your email campaign SEO friendly:

Make Newsletters Go Live

Don't just confine your newsletter content to your email inbox. Repurpose it and use across different online platforms. You can add more emails to make one long blog post or just add a few relevant links. When new blog post reaches a larger audience, Google crawlers will surely detect it, thus, increase your visibility.

Ask For Customer Feedback

Asking for customer feedback in survey emails is one way to improve your local search rankings. When consumers offer a review, they might use a similar language that they use in searching for your company. This helps improve long tail keywords.

Inbound Links

Strong inbound links are important factors in enhancing your SEO. The more trusted links are directing to your site, the more powerful your domain will be. You can use this campaign to particularly persuade other people to link to your recent posts or web page.

Use More Text

Contrary to popular belief, email newsletters need to have more text than images. They need to be text-laden and keyword rich so it makes it simple to rank higher.

Add Share Buttons

Share buttons can make your posts shareable. Ask your users to share to create more backlinks.

The strategies above are just some of the many ways to improve your SEO ranking. When paired with other mediums, it pushes synergies in each direction of digital marketing strategies.

Keep The Web Design Simple

Website design is crucial for improving user experience (UX) and eventually your ranking in search engines. If your website meets the needs of searchers, your site has a high chance of landing the first page of search engine results. That's why UX is important for your SEO success.

When designing a website for a particular age group, you want to learn:

  • Their objectives in visiting your website
  • Their understanding of websites
  • Any accessibility problems that may usually occur with those users
  • The standard emotional response to particular triggers

Gen X are fast learners. For them, it's significant to personalize the interface. They expect technology to assist them in their daily activities, besides having fun.

Focus on making a very easy-to-follow interface, one that leads your visitors where to go next without any questions asked. Bigger fonts aren't a bad idea, but you don't want to do it too much that it would jeopardize your design. Instead, use a tool that allows users to change the font size on their own.

Make the navigation easy and fast. Put the navigation menu along with a search bar at the top your site in case some of the Gen Xers will get perplexed where they are. If you run an e-commerce website, make the payment process information clear.

While strong elements are ideal for leading Gen Xers to the following steps, don't overwork with colors. Use black fonts against a clean white background. For everything else, use enticing, but subdued color palette.

It would also be a nice idea to provide a full-time customer service to cater to those born in the early 60s. Really, you don't have to impress Gen Xers with super modern designs, like animation or popups. Just keep everything simple and fast.

Increase Website Speed

Like most internet users, Gen Xers prefer fast loading sites. A lot of people think that SEO is mainly focused on using the proper keywords and creating backlinks to reach the top of the search engine page ranks. There are actually a lot of factors and one of them is site speed.

With the rollout of Google's mobile-first index, page speed becomes a significant ranking factor. It's been proven that your site will get better ranking results if it loads faster. According to Google's recent research, the bounce rate increases when the loading time goes above 3 seconds.

Another reason why a speedier website is critical is to improve UX. There are already so many competitors on the web and losing them for a loading issue is a waste of your quality content. Several factors that impact your website speed include servers, plugins, and more.

Here are some ways to increase your website speed:

Optimize Images

High quality, large images are one of the reasons why your site loads slow. You don't have to remove them totally, you just have to optimize them. How? Try changing their resolution, compressing the image, or cropping it.

Eliminate Extra Ads

Too many ads can slow your site down. A good ad campaign isn't about the quantity but the quality. Create a seamless page experience where your customers are more likely to click on the ad. Eliminating extra ads often gives you a better Google ranking and minimizes bounce rates.

Enable Caching

Page caching allows users to enter the page faster since the database doesn't need to retrieve every file to every request. Although caching can only word for repeat users, it's still a good way to minimize load time and enhance the performance of your site.

Make Your Website Secure

Website security is very important to prevent anyone from trying to hack your site. This especially more important if you running a site where you store your customer's confidential data, like credit card numbers. You may be able to lock your hacked website, but you'll surely lose a lot of money.

More than money, getting hacked means losing traffic, killing conversations, and endangering your brand as a whole. All these things can affect your search engine rankings. When it occurs, it also takes a very long time to repair it.

Most of Gen Xers are online shoppers and you know that they can really be prudent when giving their credit card information. If they think that your site isn't secure, then they'll certainly won't use your site. They look for another secured website. End of story.

So what can you do to prevent it from occurring?

Lock Your Website: First, make sure your site is actually locked from the domain registrar. This will prevent hackers from changing the name of servers and lead your site to a spammy hosted one.

Use Whois Privacy: Make your domain private to shield it from hackers.

Secure SSL: This is very important if your website takes personal data, like credit card information.

Check For Malware: Malware can destroy your conversations. To check for malware, use Google Webmaster Tools.

Get Links From Credible Sources

Backlinks are links of a webpage to another page. They give value to your site so they're considered as the most significant factor in determining the search ranking of your site. When Google sees your page as a trustworthy site, then you have a better chance of ranking on the first page.

If you want to perform a link-building strategy, begin now. It takes a long time for you to a achieve the benefits of your link-building endeavors and Google often updates in several months.

Like everything else, focus on quality, not quantity. A hundred links from unknown websites won't help your rankings as much as a single link from a credible site. Other ways include pitching to editors of popular news sites or cooperate with famous bloggers.

When trying to get backlinks, make sure that they're relevant to your business. The links should come from authoritative websites, the ones that Google consider powerful. If you own a storefront location, make sure that you get local backlinks.

Use Enticing Images And Videos

Although Gen Xers are more focused on the text than images, it's not a smart idea to remove images totally. Images can make your article clearer to help readers understand it better. Illustrate data in a chart or data flow diagram.

It's a simple fact: adding images to an article can make it more attractive. Of course, you can't just post any picture. You have to use the right one that relates to your article and your audience. Keep in mind that Gen Xers aren't fans of comedy, so keep it professional and simple.

When you have selected the right image, optimize it for better SEO ranking. Here are tips for optimizing images for performance:

  • Select the right file name and insert the keyword as possible
  • Scale the image to how you want it to be shown
  • Minimize the file size

Surprisingly, videos are significantly popular for this generation. More than 75% of Gen X stream or download video online at least once monthly. This generation even leads the traffic in video-on-demand services, like Netflix, in the US. They also lead in Youtube views compared to other generations.

To optimize the content of your video, make it shareable. It means offer informative content that allows users to share and prompts publishers to link to. Your video must be engaging to Gen Xers to achieve the most organic growth.

Put a video on your landing page to increase conversions. But don't just self-host your videos. Upload it to various platforms, including Youtube to get maximum exposure and increase your ranking.

Once you post your video on various platforms, diversify your text. You can include different keywords in each video description. To get more recognition from Google and other search engines, add captions and video transcriptions.

Post Content On Social Media

Gen Xers still prefer to use social media when spending their time online. According to a 2016 report, the majority of Gen X visit the social media at least once daily. Interestingly, this generation uses social media at two certain times of day: morning and after work.

The favorite platforms of Gen X are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can use these platforms and post content during the two key periods mentioned above. As for the social media post content, make sure that you focus on the values that this generation holds precious and provide only facts to earn their trust.

So how do you improve your SEO visibility with social media?

First, create a strong brand presence. Makes sure that your message and look are the same as your core values. Your content should also be directed to your target audience, which for this case the Gen Xers.

To attract Gen Xers, connect with them. Share high-quality content and post more often. Don't forget to encourage engagement and ask your followers to like, comment, or visit your site to drive traffic.

Marketing Strategies For Generation Y

The Generation Y Influence: 2010 Edelman Study

Compared to the older generations, Generation Y composes a larger group. They're more digitally aware and easier to reach if approached properly. According to a 2010 study of Edelman, a clear shift in perception has taken place for Generation Y.

Part of the Edelman work is clearly focused on learning the best approaches and communities, its safe to assume that social networks serve an important role for marketers catering to Gen Y. Edelman also presumes that the best way to reach the Gen Y consumers is through ongoing dialogue. Here are other significant points of the study:

The 2008 recession basically changed Gen Y, unlike past generations. Because of the great recession, Millennials are more concerned about the economy. They also value business ownership and financial stability.

Gen Y is known to be the alpha-influencers. About 70% feel that it's their responsibility to share brands via social media (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Compared with other generations, Gen Y seems open-minded about brand engagement and advertising, as long as they entertain them.

Psychological Elements That Make Gen Y "Click And Buy"

Gen Y or the Millennials grew up and start their careers when almost every home had a computer and an internet connection. That explains their greatest inclination to social media and technology. Many professionals of this generation already know to make a website and sell a product in the early 2000s.

Now in their 20s and 30s, they dislike the usual marketing pitch and look for captivating content, refined sales funnels, and astounding pictures to remain interested. They've been exposed to technology since childhood so they desire various digital content, such as podcasts and blog articles. Bombard them with various marketing content and keep them thrilled for what's next.

Want to achieve hundreds of leads and see your business succeed in just a few days? Provide a free gift in trade for their email. They want instant satisfaction, and they'll turn into loyal consumers if you can provide anything valuable.

Target Gen Y On Social Media

Target Gen Y On Social Media

Now that you know the characteristics of Gen Y, it's time to reach them on social media. According to the New York Times, more than 50% of Millennials would rather earn low by working on something they love than earning more money in a less inspiring job. Taking these statistics into account, you should make inspiring content.

Promote a product that will invoke the boldness in them to do what they like, improve their productivity, or allow them to balance life and work. Just make sure that you don't falsify your way to create a brand.

Write, speak about, or upload videos that you're excited about. People will ask for more if your brand is original and you're being true to yourself.

Sell Experiences, Not Products

The Generation Y focus more on experiences a brand can offer and are less excited about product branding. So when you're marketing, think of the way it can improve their current lifestyle. What issues does your brand offer to solve? How does it makes their liver simpler, conform with their values, and satisfy their needs?.

Think of the values they put first- joy, diversity, social responsibility, etc.- and let your messages concentrate these values. As I've mentioned above, Millennials are looking for humor, honesty, and stories that make them connected to the brand.

A good way of selling the experience is using visual elements and descriptive words that establish the scenario for your audience. Mix high-resolution pictures with a captivating short copy to portray a clear picture of how the experience will feel distinct to them.

Use SEO To Target Generation Y

Use SEO To Target Generation Y

SEO or search engine optimization is still one of the best ways to reach your target market. It's not only about using a few keywords and links to websites. You need to improve user experience so Google can rank you high.

Compared to other generations, the Generation Y view SEO in a different way. They require a strong SEO for any company they engage with. They've been exposed to the Internet and Google their entire lives and looking for information or a business online has become nearly a habit.

Most Millennials check the Internet when they want to learn more about a company and its products or services. So if you fail to create a strong online presence, the Millennials will just simply ignore you. Your business is good as gone.

When it comes to marketing, SEO is becoming important. SEO can allow your company to perform campaigns that are focused and measurable. With more than 90% of online experiences starting with a search engine search, SEO is the best option for any business that wants to target the Generation Y customers.

SEO is part of a dynamic environment and it's hard to forecast its direction in the next couple of years. But one thing is for sure- targeted marketing will continue to advance relentlessly. Companies will be able to take advantage of granular data and time consumed on pages.

Who Are The Xennials?

The Xennials are the new kids on the buzzword block. This generation includes those who are born between 1975 and 1985. They fall in the middle of two big generations, the Generation X (Baby Bust) and the Generation Y or the Millennials.

This generation is known as the "crossover generation" because it includes the oldest Millennials. More than being Millennials, this generation is more like the precedent of Generation X. They dated and often created lasting relationships before social media exists.

As a marketer, here are things you should know about this transpiring microgeneration:

They Live The Best Of Both Worlds

A Xennial's birthday positions them at a distinct point in the history of technological development. The people within this generation had spent their childhood on analog and adapted a digital life in adulthood. In other words, they remember how life was good with less technology but also enjoy the comforts of the digital age.

Those within this demographic are likely to have good memories of childhood spent before the digital age so it's necessary that you tap into that feeling of nostalgia. Just look at the success of Netflix's 80s themed series, Stranger Things.

They're Both Optimistic And Pessimistic

Because this generation fills the gap between two large generations, the Generation X and Millennials, it can't be helped that they harbor the same traits. Xennials got the optimism from the Generation Y and the pessimism from Generation X.

According to Dan Woodman, the Xennials is the generation between the Generation X- who we presumed as the depressed, tight-vested-wearing children that follow the Baby Boomers and the Gen Y- who we know as optimistic, computer literate, and maybe slightly too confident.

They're Ready For Targeting

Since Xennials don't suit comfortably between Gen X and Gen Y, they desire to be recognized as a separate group. One that fills a space between both generations, with unique differences.

We are starting to see the purchasing power of Xennials. For example, the sales of vinyl records have greatly increased in 2016. Also, the Nokia 3310 was also relaunched amid the massive popularity of smartphone. Truly, Xennials is a microgeneration of consumers waiting to be tapped.

To reach a Xennial audience, create engaging and nostalgic content with a healthy mix of good-natured skepticism and melancholy. They literally saw the world changed right before their eyes, so play on that fact.

SEO Marketing Techniques For Each Generations

Marketing and SEO are both highly important for business success, but one of the most important aspects of successful marketing is knowing who your target audience is. It’s vital to know who you are targeting with advertisements and SEO marketing techniques, because different people respond different ways depending on the strategies that you are using. It makes sense to target people in several different ways, but one effective method is by generation. If you employ different SEO strategies for each generation that you need to market to, you’ll enjoy more successful marketing campaigns overall. With so many different generations to think about it can be overwhelming to try and come up with a strategy for each and every one of them. For the purpose of this article we decided to focus on two of the most popular and useful generations to target for SEO marketing today, Millennials and Gen Next. These two generations use the internet heavily and if you manage to lock down these two very different markets with your SEO relevant strategy techniques, you’ll enjoy more success in business in general.

Targeted SEO Marketing Techniques for Millennials

Targeted SEO Marketing Techniques for Millennials

Millennials are all those that were born in the early 1980’s and through to the very early 1990’s and they are well-known for being tech-savvy, innovative and very comfortable with computers. They’ve been using computers for years, and succeeding with SEO marketing techniques is probably more important for marketing to Millennials than anyone else. Millennials know how to get the information they are most interested in, they can grab information quickly and they know how to look through false promises as well. For honest businesses attracting Millennial customers shouldn’t be too difficult with the right approach, but non-genuine companies will have more trouble than they will with other generations.

Effective SEO is Much More Important

Millennials are well-versed in using the internet to look up information, they’ve been doing it for more than a decade and are confident that they can find what they’re looking for online. What this means for businesses looking to employ more effective SEO marketing techniques is that SEO is supremely important for targeting Millennials. People from this generation look to the internet when researching any business before doing anything else. That means companies that aren’t ranking well in Google will be viewed as lower quality almost immediately. One of the best ways to gain an edge with this group is to have an effective SEO strategy in place. Rank well and the Millennials will know that you at least know what you are doing.

Consider Retargeting Campaigns

Millennials do extensive research before making a product purchase and they are much more concerned with blending value and quality together with each purchase than they make compared to previous Gen Xer’s. That’s due in large part because of the harsher economic times that Millennials have to face today. What that means for a company trying to build an SEO relevant strategy is that it’s important to focus on staying at the top of a Millennial’s mind when they’re doing research. Showing at the top of a search result for important buying keywords is a good first step, but it’s helpful to rank for research terms as well and to employ some retargeting marketing as well. If Millennials see your product listed while doing research, while going to make a purchase and then they see it again after leaving your website to look at prices on other sites, they are much more likely to go with your services. Retarget marketing is highly effective when employed on millennials and it’s one of the first strategies that your business should be utilizing.

Support the Environment

Millenials have been raised thinking about issues like global warming, a declining environment, deforestation and pollution. Many of them have a very real concern for the environment and what’s going to happen to it, and they are more likely to support businesses that help alleviate those concerns. That’s why as a business owner looking for an SEO relevant strategy to use on Millennials, it makes sense to explain how your business is helping the environment. That’s not enough though, also take the time to employ SEO marketing techniques to rank for search terms that make it clear you are helping the environment. Some Millennials will actively search for companies that are working to help the environment when they need a particular service or product, and the ones that don’t will still respond to green messages that you explain on your company website. By catering to these concerns directly you will attract more interested customers from the Millennial generation.

Be True to the Brand

Other than employing an SEO relevant strategy to get your company ranking for search terms that are clear and relate to your brand itself, the next best thing you can do is be true to your company. Rank for terms that relate directly to your company and that stick to your brand image. Don’t make promises that you don’t intend to keep and make sure that you are realistic with your promises that you make in any advertising and lead pages. Millenials are well-versed on ads and unrealistic promises and they won’t go for unrealistic promises that some other generations might fall for. When targeting these individuals be realistic, honest and explain the benefits of what you’re offering as quickly as possible. Do all this while ranking for good solid key terms that relate to your company and you should have no trouble with the Millenials at all.

Targeted SEO Marketing Techniques for Gen Next Customers

Gen Next, Gen Y or whatever you want to call it is the generation that comes after Millenials. Anyone born in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s make up this generation and they are becoming increasingly important for companies to target as they grow older. Learning how to draw in this generation to your business will become more and more important over the next 5 to 10 years as many of these children grow into young adults with more expendable income, which is why SEO strategies for each generations is so important. Learn how to draw in members of Generation Next now and you’ll have a nearly untapped source of business in the future.

Focus on Interactivity

The member of Generation Next or Gen Y are used to fast internet, slick services, seamless computing experiences and apps. They aren’t that likely to hop onto a full-sized computer, and instead prefer using smartphones, tablets, smart watches and any other devices that they have to get information. This generation prefers videos to reading and they expect their browsing experiences to be entertaining, quick and simple. They aren’t as computer savvy as the Millenials are, but they aren’t really easy to win over either. One of the first steps to success is to employ a SEO relevant strategy that will work to rank for mobile searches. Since most of this generation is looking up information with smartphones and tablets, ranking for full-sized computers means next to nothing. Also try to make websites fast, responsive and highly interactive to keep them interested in what you have to offer. Don’t start off the website with a block of text, and instead opt for a video that talks about your services or shows them in use.

Leverage Video Rankings and Social Media

Leverage Video Rankings and Social Media

While SEO marketing techniques and social media and video sites like YouTube aren’t exactly the same, it’s incredibly important to focus on building a platform on social media and YouTube when looking to attract Gen Y customers to your business. They use these platforms more than the general internet for getting and consuming information, and only by being apart of those platforms can you really tap into the market. SEO strategies for each generations that work on ranking videos, images and other graphic-based content will do much more for your company than any static piece of web content ever can with Gen Y customers.

SEO marketing techniques should vary depending on the type of person that you’re targeting, and of course there are going to be differences between different members of a generation, but that’s not the way you build successful marketing campaigns. It’s much better to generalize based on a full generation if that’s who you’re trying to target. If you use these SEO strategies for each of the generations and you really work on hitting all the points mentions up above you will have a greater level of success marketing to the groups.

Make the Most of User Generated Content

Generation Next children and young adults are very used to user generated content such as reviews on They have come to expect this sort of content and they rely on it heavily when making purchase decisions. With that in mind, make sure that you are making the most of user generated content. Create spots where customers can leave reviews for your business. Connect your company to different review sites and make sure your profiles are up to date. The more reviews you can amass for your business, the better you are going to do over time. If you are willing to spend the time to really push for user-generated content in the beginning, your business will have more credibility overall. It’s important when you work on SEO marketing techniques that you actually focus on getting good solid customer reviews, and that you work to get the review sites ranked for your search terms as well. When customers search for your company you want them finding a review site that says nothing but good things about what you have to offer. The better the user generated reviews are for you the more likely you are to sell your products, just make sure that there are legitimate reviews, because fake reviews just won’t cut it with this crowd.

Keep it Short

Long-winded pages won’t work with the next generation of consumers. Keep your points short, explain the benefits of your product and show cool pictures that really get the point across that you are offering something useful. If you can grab their attention fast, you can land sales. If you take too long to get to the point, they are going to scroll away from your site and go to someone else that can meet their needs immediately.

Be Ready to Change

One of the most important pieces of advice for making SEO strategies for each of the generations is to remember that people change over time. What worked well 10 years ago isn’t the optimal strategy to be using today and in 10 years from now everyone will be doing things differently once again. No matter which of the generations you’re trying to interact with, you need to be ready to change and to offer the highest level services to really make the most of relationships that you have with your potential customers. Things change, customer expectations change and you aren’t going to keep getting the same results without changing as well.

Work with top-level professionals on SEO marketing techniques and rely on their input to help you figure out what you should be doing differently. Try and tap into each of the generations that you want to market to and look closely at how they are changing over time as well. You’ll see new patterns developing and will very quickly see new potential strategies that you can use to change the way that your business runs entirely.

Whether you want to sell products to the Millenials, you want to get your company ready to start selling to Generation Next, or you want to make a website that hits both of the ever important markets at the same time, you really need to focus on what both of the groups are most interested in and make sure you’re catering to those audiences properly. Only by optimizing your website for your target audience can your business be successful online. Be ready to evolve as customers do, be ready to optimize your business to meet new expectations and always make sure you’re targeting the right group of people to have success in your business.

SEO Marketing Techniques For Generations Z And Alpha

SEO Marketing Techniques For Generations Z And Alpha

Determining the common behavior and characteristics of your target audience is one way to make your SEO marketing plan successful. However, it's more complicated than saying, "Generation Z is impatient" or “Generation Alpha can't live without gadgets".

Every generation is hugely different as they grow up in varied social and political circumstances and different technological developments. History, technological advancement, and pop culture have all affect the way every generation forms values and responds to marketing.

In this article, I'll discuss how you can develop effective SEO marketing strategies that suit Generations Z and Alpha. But first, let's get to know each generation better.

Who Are Generation Z?

Also known as the iGeneration, Generation Z is the post-Millennial generation that's born between 1995 and 2010. This generation will make up one-third of the population in the US in the year 2020. Compared to their predecessors, they're more internet savvy and diverse.

While they many process information faster than their elders, their attention spans may be less focused. But the good news is, they can do multi-tasking better. They can do their school assignment on a computer while researching on their tablets and tweeting a friend.

Generation Z also cares less about prices, perhaps because they were born after the recession. They also don't click on more ads than Millennials. Since they were born into a world where everything is handed to them right away, they expect that brands need to be loyal to them and not the other way around. If they feel unappreciated, they'll easily move on and switch to another brand.

This generation was born social. In fact, almost all of them has a digital footprint. They're active in social media networks, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Most of them have smartphones before they reached their teenage years so you can say that mobiles are dominant in their lives: it's where they play games, purchase items, and meet friends.

Who Are Generation Alpha?

Anyone born after 2010 belongs to the Generation Alpha. According to demographer Mark McCrindle, there's about 2.5 million Alphas born each week. This means they can make up a large population of your consumers in the next 15 years.

These kids grow up with iPads and smartphones. They're also quite adept at sharing their ideas online in seconds. These great technological developments make this generation the most transformative group ever.

Alphas don't want to share anything. Ownership is back, which is a benefit for marketers. Like Gen Zers, Alphas are very mobile and they don't follow the rules because they're in control. Just try restricting them in any way and they'll search a way to get out of it.

Connecting With Generations Z And Alpha

Connecting With Generations Z And Alpha

To communicate with Generations Z and Alpha, the key is the fit. Marketing strategies should be tailored to every platform while maintaining the same message across the board.

Your message should, therefore, be realistic and clear to avoid misunderstandings about your stand to social issues. Take, for instance, the infamous Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner. A lot of teenagers have criticized the failed attempt of Pepsi to end the racial conflict with a can of Pepsi, which is deemed to be unrealistic and opportunistic of the current situation.

Remember, this next generation of consumers is easy to be discouraged of a brand that doesn't conform with their political and social perspectives. So, think about the social impact of your message. Otherwise, you risk of losing your potential customers.

7 SEO Marketing Techniques

(Click here for full Image)

7 SEO Marketing Techniques

Though Generation Z and Alpha are still relatively young, they'll eventually account for nearly 40% of all consumers in the future. So how will you reach to Generations Z and Alpha to increase your SEO rankings? Here are seven SEO strategies for each generation that you can follow.

Go Mobile

As mentioned above, Generations Z and Alpha have grown in the dominance of smartphones, which is why a lot of them have owned smartphones before their teenage years. Mobile phones ultimately become the center of their lives where they shop and talk with friends. With this trend in mind, it's important that your website is mobile-friendly to reach this particular demographic.

Think of how your website will be seen on mobile devices before a model for the desktop version is completed. Determine the information that needs to be viewed from the home page and what should be seen first. Think this through before meeting with your website designer.

If you own an e-commerce website, make sure that you offer the best online experience from the convenience of their mobile device. Design mobile-friendly images and maintain an easy-to-use mobile app. Make sure that the images are bright and crisp so these consumers will click on the image.

Talk with the speenz team about the ways you can make your website mobile-friendly and the effects this can generate on SEO and other factors of digital marketing.

Extend Your Social Media Presence

As you already know, Gen Z and Alpha are known to be diverse. This is especially the case with the time they invest in social media. Growing up with different social platforms also diversify their attention to different platforms.

These two young generations aren't only active on Twitter and Facebook. They're also active on Tumblr, Snapchat, and Instagram. If you like to reach this young audience, try extending your presence on these social media platforms.

Facebook is still greatly popular for most of these young ones. Resume your efforts on Facebook but try expanding your reach to other platforms. Snapchat is a great platform to try as many of these people use this app about 11 times daily.

Speenz makes it easier to grow your business through social media. Our sites smoothly integrate into today's most well-known social media platforms. See your content shared on various social media networks.

One thing that these generations don't want to compromise is their privacy. To reach them effectively, connect on their own terms so you don't come as too invasive. While you're doing it, try creating a message that easily reaches this audience, which brings me to the next SEO marketing technique.

Be Authentic

Above all else, Gen Zers and Alphers value authenticity. This is contrary to the popular notion that they're pretty shallow because of their obsession with mobile devices. They have a higher perception of a brand that's more honest in their advertising.

To be authentic, try highlighting real people and not models. They relate to real teens who show their own lives. Take the Dove campaign for example. It highlighted the different female beauties and moved away from the ideal norms of beauty. It wasn't only successful to this group but to all generations as well.

Another way to reach to the members of Generations Z and Alpha is to use experiences. These people love to share their experiences with peers and gathering memories over things. With this in mind, it's imperative that you infuse product with real experiences on your content.

Create an engaging experience to attract these demographics. Use testimonials, comments, and reviews to engage an interaction. So to win these future consumers, you should create authentic and engaging brand experiences.

Embrace Digital Video

While Millennials had a great reaction to Youtube, the younger generations have a greater appeal to this type of video platform. This young demographic spend an average of 2-4 hours daily in watching Youtube videos, according to Forbes. With that statistic, it's clear to assume that Youtube is an imperative SEO relevant strategy to these two generations.

For these young ones, the video is content. While the older generations usually use the Google search bar to search an item, Gen Zers and Alphas go directly to Youtube for quick solutions. If you're not always making a flow of videos, you're missing the chance to grab their attention.

The factors that affect your Youtube rankings include keyword relevance, viewer reactions, video length, and the number of subscribers. To optimize your video, you should create the right type of content. Remember that Gen Zers and Alphas prefer authentic and real-life content. 

Make it simple for Youtube and Google to perceive the intended meaning of your content. You can include a keyword in the title, use tags properly, and make a full description. Create a long description so you can include a lot of relevant keywords.

Get Live Chat

For these two generations, live chat is no longer a bonus but a necessity. Much like their elders, they like the convenience of communicating with you through text or live chat. This allows them to multitask of watching Youtube videos or gaming and connecting with you to solve their issue.

Give them this type of interaction before they switch to your competitor who can offer them this kind of perk. While putting live chat on your website won't improve your traffic, it can help users revisit your site if they realize that you offer excellent customer service. As long as you offer useful information and answer their issues promptly, then you're good.

Saved live chat can drive traffic through relevant keywords. Keep in mind that keywords are just one factor of website ranking. Select the keywords thoroughly so you can get the attention of Google's algorithm and eventually increase your website ranking.

You can also produce more online interest if you feature a live chat on your website. More interest translates to more traffic and a better website ranking. It also inspires companies to write blogs that resolve the common issues of consumers. 

Make PPC Relevant

PPC or pay per click advertising can produce a high website traffic and targeted leads if initialized strategically. Like any other SEO marketing strategies, keywords drive the success of PPC. Once users click your ad, they're transferred to your landing page and eventually increase your site's visibility and ranking.

It's true that the Generations Z and Alpha skip ads in as fast as three seconds. It's not that they despise advertising totally, they just don't see their relevance. To engage these consumers effectively, make your online ads relevant and personalized. The length of the PPC ad should be short because they lose interest when it goes past 10 seconds.

One way to personalize your PPC ad is to show it to your target audience. You can use Facebook's Custom Audiences and Twitter's Targeted Audiences. Just upload a list of phone number or emails to these platforms to show your PPC ad to these certain people.

Speenz also offers PPC marketing services and our experts develop or manage your account. We constantly test and optimize your campaigns to improve return on investment (ROI). You have the option to work with a PPC consultant either fully or on a particular portion, depending on your needs.

Increase Web Speed

You know that Gen Zers and Alphers have low attention spans, so your page should load fast or else they'll leave and switch to your competitor. Most of them have access to the high-speed internet so they don't know what a dial-up speed indicates. So to get their attention, meet their expectation of fast access.

To increase your site speed, enable compression. Use a software application, like Gzip, to compress files larger than 150 bytes. For images, use Photoshop to control the quality of the images.

You can also increase your site speed by optimizing your code. Every time a page directs to a new page, users face the extra time of waiting for the completion of the HTTP request. Minimize redirects to increase page speed.

If you want assistance with your SEO marketing techniques, contact Speenz. Get a free quote or call 888-485-0419 today!.

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