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E-commerce is booming with every passing day. It has made shopping and extremely simple for customers--and marketing extremely simple for merchants. Shopping websites receive more traffic than ever before. If you create a free website for your e-commerce business, you have to make sure that it is attractive and easy for them to use so they will make purchases. Attractiveness here doesn’t just mean aesthetically pleasing. It also means easy to use. The faster one can get in and out of your site with their job done, the more people your website will attract. Here are a few tips for your website:

1. If customers are able to refine their search, they will find it easier to shop. Install filters on the website as soon as possible so that customers do not have to waste any time looking at things that do not interest them. Offer an option to reverse their choices so they can undo the filters and apply new ones. The search bar should be visible and easy to spot. This will prevent your customers from moving on to a new site too quickly.

2. Notify customers of out-of-stock selections right away, not after they have finished shopping and are ready to pay. It is important to use good quality photographs, as this is the only visible representation of the item that the customers base their choice upon. You could even make the variations of the product clear by including options of color and design.

3. Like the search bar, even the shopping cart must be visible on every page for the convenience of the customers. If you want to make it a little fancier, you could use thumbnails to represent what is in the cart. For every product, you could add a brief product preview which will give the customers a better idea. It is essential that your site is easy to navigate.

4. Don't add the delivery charges at the end. Make it a part of the cost from the beginning itself. Customers feel cheated when it is sprung upon them at the last minute. You could consider SEO promotion for a better website. Your site must have its own unique look along with its own simple and clean theme. This will give it a personality of its own. Incorporate social media into your website to make it more interactive.

5. Include an option to sign up for your weekly or monthly newsletters. You could also include testimonials of other customers who appreciated your services. Try not to have too many distractions during a checkout. Offer your contact information on every page.

With all these tips, you sure will have a great e-commerce website.
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