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SEO Services for Home Improvement Contractors

The home improvement industry is booming. As the recession gets further and further behind us, people are finding they have more spare money and are reinvesting it into their home in the form of home improvement. More money being spent on home improvement means more companies are popping up to fill that need. While that is great for the consumer its not great for existing home improvement companies who are now facing more competition.

The industry is also being impacted by the internet. Gone are the days of the yellow pages and other local directories. When someone wants to find home improvement websites now, they turn to Google first. That means if you are a home improvement company and you aren't turning up on the first page of Google, you may struggle to win new business. If that's you need to seriously consider hiring a good local SEO company to carry out SEO for home improvement before you get left behind.

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How important is SEO for construction companies to generate leads

How important is SEO for construction companies to generate leads ?

There are several ways that construction companies can generate leads. One of the most common is by word of mouth marketing. If someone is thinking about investing in home improvement, they may ask friends and family first. If a friend used a construction company that did a really good job, they may recommend them. The trouble is that this relies on other people to do your marketing for you. Just because you do a great job for one client doesn’t mean they’ll have ten other friends who need help with a project, too.

No, the best lead generation strategies are ones controlled by the construction company. Aside from their friends, the other place people will look for home improvement contractors is on Google. That means if you aren’t on Google’s first page, you may never be asked to quote for a job. If Google is the place that everyone goes to find a construction company, investing in SEO is crucial if you want to continue to be asked for quotes. Because if you aren’t found on Google, people won’t find you. And your biggest potential source of leads has gone out the window.

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Why internet marketing is essential for a Restoration Company

It’s crucial that restoration companies continue to have new quotes for work coming in. Without them, companies risk bankruptcy. But when more and more quotes come in, however, the companies are able to grow. The more they grow, the more successful they become and the more new business they can win. Everything starts snowballing. But it all starts from getting one or two more quotes every month. But as more and more new restoration companies spring up, that is getting harder to do.

The only way to make sure that you keep having new quotes come in is to be at the top of the first place people look when they are searching for restoration companies: Google.

That's why internet marketing is so important for a restoration company. Without a comprehensive internet marketing strategy that sees them top Google rankings, a restoration company risks bankruptcy through a loss of work.

A properly executed internet marketing plan will help a restoration company to:

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Affordable SEO for Contractors & Home Improvement Companies

Affordable SEO for Contractors & Home Improvement Companies

At Speenz, we deliver genuinely affordable SEO services to home improvement companies and contractors. We have a long and successful history of ranking home improvement contractors in Google through our cost-effective and incredibly affordable SEO service.

Our team is full of knowledgeable and experienced SEO professionals who know the home improvement SEO industry inside out. They know the techniques required to rank your business and can make sure that your business attains the position it deserves.

We know that finding a good SEO company can be difficult, that’s why we do our best to show you that we are the right company for you before you commit. As a result, we offer a free consultation and a free trial of our SEO service so that you can get a taste of our service before buying it. You can’t say fairer than that.

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Main reasons why home improvement business owners should invest in SEO services

There are many reasons why a home improvement business owner should be investing in SEO services delivered by a good SEO company.

SEO for home improvement will help you win more clients

The most obvious reason is that SEO for home improvement companies will help you win more clients. By appearing higher up in Google searches, home improvement websites stand more chance of getting clicked on by users searching for the right home improvement service in their area. At the end of the day it’s a numbers game. The more clicks you get, the more chance you have of winning a new customer.

SEO for home improvement will help you establish your brand

As a home improvement company, it is important that you establish your company as a trustworthy home improvement contractor who any customer can turn to when they need good service. The more people see your company appearing in the search results, the more they will begin to trust it.

SEO for home improvement will generate a positive ROI

Compared to other forms of marketing, the right SEO practices will deliver an exceptional ROI if they are performed by a good local SEO company. Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands on print advertising or a direct mailer, SEO is an investment that keeps on giving. Not only can it be cheaper than paying for expensive advertising, it can generate a lot more business and work time and time again for relatively little ongoing investment. No other marketing form will give you the kind of return on investment that SEO can.

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