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Real Estate SEO Services

The real estate industry is fiercely competitive. In every town and city across the country there are dozens of realtors looking to help people buy and sell their homes. That means that getting an edge over your competition is crucial to succeed. If you're serious about making your Real Estate company into one of the best in the area, you are going to need to invest in marketing to get there. While there are several ways to market your real estate business, only real estate SEO services will give your company the ROI and leads it needs.

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How important role does the web play in Real Estate businesses?

The internet is hugely important when it comes to real estate businesses. The internet has changed the way the real estate industry works. Now instead of walking around realtors offices, people turn to MLS sites to find their next home. But it’s not just homebuyers who use the internet to find real estate companies, sellers do too. Most real estate companies aren’t widely known by local customers. After all, people may only use these companies once every five years. That means that home sellers will usually start their search for an real estate company with Google. Google offers sellers the opportunity to quickly find and get in touch with a range of real estate companies who can quote for their services.

How can you get an advantage over the web for your Real Estate business?

Because of the huge influence of Google over who people choose to sell their home, it is incredibly important that any serious real estate company ranks highly in Google and definitely ranks higher than their competitors. Only by using the best SEO methods can you make sure that your real estate company appears ahead of all of your competitors and gets the advantage that you need.

Sure, you could go knocking door to door trying to win over home sellers, but that takes time out of your day and a lot of it. You could advertise in the local newspaper, but how many people still read it? You could pay out for a flashy direct mailer and pay for someone to deliver them to every house in the neighborhood, but half those people don't want to sell. No, the most effective and cost-effective way to get a real advantage over your rivals is to leverage real estate SEO to rank higher in Google and convert more customers.

How Real Estate SEO is different from standard SEO?

Real Estate SEO Expert

Real Estate SEO is incredibly competitive. Only the best SEO methods can be used if you want to succeed and rise to the top of Google. That means, when it comes to optimizing for SEO, you need the help of experts. An expert will use a number of tactics, some of which will be specific to the real estate industry, such as:

An SEO Assessment. We analyze your current website with a real estate SEO audit that will highlight any issues and show which pages are working the bet for you at the moment.

An SEO Strategy. Every industry is different and every business is different. That’s why we will develop a bespoke strategy tailored to the real estate industry to make sure that we have realistic goals in place in this competitive market.

SEO Execution. We commit time to optimizing your real estate website and using bespoke strategies to get your business ranking fast.

SEO Measurement. You can trust us to get results. That’s why we measure our progress and report back to you regularly with updates on how we are doing.

No SEO campaign is the same, even within the real estate industry. Because Real Estate SEO is so different and so competitive, we tailor everything to your business to give you the best chance of success.

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How local SEO helps Real Estate professionals

Real Estate SEO Services

Local SEO adds another way for real estate professionals to get more customers on top of traditional SEO. Local SEO for Real Estate Marketing effectively gives real estate companies another bite of the cherry when it comes to capturing house sellers searching on Google. By achieving a high local SEO ranking, real estate companies can appear as one of the three businesses listed in the nearby map results that appear whenever someone searches for a local-based phrase such as “realtors in Phoenix”. When they appear in the map listing, realtors will have their contact details listed as well as their Google review rating.

The best part of all is that appearing in the map section doesn’t stop a company from appearing in the proper organic results, either. That’s the real advantage of local SEO. In fact, the better local SEO you have, the more likely you are to appear in the proper organic search results for local-based searches, too. It’s a huge win-win.

That’s why Local SEO for real estate companies is so important to their success, and why it is so important that they hire a trusted SEO company to carry out optimizing for SEO on their behalf.

Here at Speenz, we have a long and successful history of ranking real estate companies in Google through SEO and Local SEO efforts. Our in-house team have all of the tools, experience and knowledge needed to make sure your business gets to where it belongs—the top of the search engine and a place in Google’s local Map Pack.

We thrive on helping real estate companies win and close more clients thanks to our exceptional real estate SEO service and we’d love the opportunity to help you out too. But we appreciate that SEO is a big investment. That’s why we offer all potential clients a free consultation and a free trial so they can get a taste of the Speenz service before committing to it.

We know the hard work realtors put into their companies and we want to help you make the most of it. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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