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Your business’ online presence matters when it comes to sales, branding and the customer experience. Aside from the message and content that you want to send to your readers, the design of your website will also be a key element to your online presence. No matter how captivating your written content is, without an attractive design that's easy to move and mobile friendly, only a few will take time to read and stay on your website. If you want to give your website a facelift, our website builder Arizona can help you out.

Remember that it’s not just about having a website; it’s also about using it to its full potential. In fact, a badly designed website can kill your leads! Here’s how web design can impact your business:

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How can a website design impact your business in Tempe?

Take time to read the following points to understand how important design is when it comes to improving your business.

- Compatibility

A majority of online shoppers will use their mobile phones to search for and purchase a product or service. This means your design should be responsive enough across various mobile devices. It should look equally good on a smartphone as how it appears in desktop view without losing the functionality.

- Website speed

Your website design and the way it’s created will impact the speed of your website. If your site is loading for more than three seconds, your bounce rate will skyrocket. No matter how good your graphics are, it will defeat its purpose if not optimized properly.

- Cost efficiency

An efficiently made web design will save you more money. This is because you won’t have to pay for individual design projects for mobile and different devices. Overall, functional designs will attract more visitors to become customers.

- Low maintenance

Does your website keep crashing or experiencing glitches? There’s a chance that the design elements are causing the errors. By consulting a website builder in Tempe, AZ. You can fix this problem right away. You may also have your site refurbished to get noticed even more.

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How can a responsive website help you?

Responsive design is a must-have if you own a business website. This type of design moves dynamically across devices without the need to create a separate site. Conforming to the screen size matters so you should hire only a reliable website builder Arizona to do the job.

SEO services company

A responsive web design boosts your SEO standing. If you want, you can hire SEO services in Tempe, AZ for a complete revamp on your business platform. Once your website is running smoothly and attracting more visitors, you can expect higher sales in just a few months.

Most of all, responsive designs load faster on every device. This means your potential lead gets hooked to your website. Remember, retaining a visitor in your platform is the first step to landing a sale. This improved user experience will increase brand awareness and escalate the reputation of your business.

Ready to make the big change on your website? Contact Speenz, web designer and SEO services Arizona, now. We have all the tools and skills to make your website design ideas reality – all without compromising functionality or your budget.

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