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Our website creator program prepares your business for mobile devices. Also included is a suite of tools and features to help you manage and grow your business from a cell phone.

Sample Clients

Lead Generation

  • New Customer Capture

    New Customer Capture

    Quickly capture new customer information smarter and faster for future marketing.

  • Promotional Management

    Promotional Management

    Spread the word! Promote your business with our online marketing tools.

  • Email Campaign

    Email Campaign

    Email online coupons, e-cards, & e-flyers with your desktop PC, cell phone and other mobile devices.

  • Online Store

    Online Store

    Turn your website into an online store. Sell your products with ease.

Promotional Tools

  • Social Media Manager

    Social Media Manager

    Get more leads with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and top other social media sites.

  • Online Coupon Marketing

    Online Coupon Marketing

    Smart online coupons that lead customers back to your business.

  • Online Flyer Marketing

    Online Flyer Marketing

    Create e-flyers that lead new customers back to your business.

  • Online Holiday Cards

    Online Holiday Cards

    Thoughtful e-cards for every season and holiday for that extra corporate cheer!

Website Manager

  • Easy Create Pages

    Free Website Editor

    High impact website pages responsive coded for all devices.

  • Image Loader

    Image Loader

    Display your own pictures or choose from Speenz custom designed room scene images.

  • Video Loader

    Video Loader

    Upload your own website videos, tutorials, and demonstrations or upload directly from Vimeo & YouTube.

  • Themes

    Themes & Colors

    Make your website unique; fill it with your favorite colors and custom images.

Client Relationship Manager

  • Lead Management

    CRM & Lead Management

    Easily manage all leads from a desktop PC, laptop or mobile device.

  • Service Repair Manager

    Service Repair Manager

    Easily manage repair orders with cause and effect reporting.

  • Customer Complaint Manager

    Customer Complaint Manager

    Interactive comment and complaint forms for customer relief.

  • Contact Managemen

    Customer & Contact Management

    Organize customers, vendors, employees, and prospects.

  • Employment Database Manager

    Employment Database Manager

    Manage existing employees and stay connected with potential future new hires.

  • Social Media Manager

    Social Media Management

    Get more leads with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and other top social media sites.

  • Smart Wall Communication

    Smart Wall Communication

    Facebook wall features for your business.

Customer Billing Features

  • Estimate Creator

    Estimate Creator

    Easy estimate creator for customer proposals.

  • Invoice Creator

    Invoice Creator

    Quick bill your customers for immediate payment.

  • PayPal and Google Checkout

    PayPal and Google Checkout

    Provide more online payment options to more customers.

  • Credit Card Processing

    Credit Card Processing

    Allow customers to pay with credit card directly to your website.

Control Panel Tools

  • Customer Control Panel

    Customer Control Panel

    Our mobile friendly, responsive design website platform is packed with tools to help you manage and grow your business.

  • Ready CMS Website

    Ready CMS Website

    Easily edit your website and make changes. No programming or coding skills required.

  • Reporting


    Smart data tracking and reporting for all areas of your business.

  • Unlimited Technical Support

    Unlimited Technical Support

    24/7 help available.

  • Customer Complaint Manager

    Call Recording for Your Business

    Use call recording software to assist with coaching staff & qualifying leads. Our websites easily integrate with call recording software and store your phone calls.

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Website Design Services

Speenz is a leading expert in website design and marketing when it comes to best practices that actually drive results. With user-friendly aspects and a website builder that easily produces SEO-friendly and mobile optimized design, Speenz sets your business up to succeed online. Good website design is key to attracting and converting your customers.

Speenz offers various packages at competitive prices with endless features crafted for the success of your website. From lead generation to design and promotional tools, the customization options are endless.

If you need to establish a good presence online, or you simply need an upgrade from your current website, Speenz is ready to help.

Why Good Website Design Matters for Every Business

With the influx and demand of visual content, a good website is a must for every business. If your site is outdated or poorly designed with a random template and not much thought, chances are, your competitors will stand out. And nobody wants that!

Good Website Design

These days consumers make the decision on whether or not to work with different businesses based on the look of their website. Following proper website design principles and best practices will ensure that your web presence is top of the line and stays top of mind!

Here are a few reasons why good website design matters for every business:

First Impressions Take the Cake

The first impression that a user gets from your website will determine if they become your customer or not. If they like what they see, chances are they will stick around and check out what you have to say. If they don’t, your bounce rate is probably not going to show you the data you like.

From the layout to the images, good web design is imperative in catching a visitors attention. Your website needs to have a strong main image, a cohesive branding and logo element, a straightforward navigation, good copy and important contact information displayed prominently.

Your website also needs to be mobile optimized so that when users visit from a mobile device, your website design is clean and easy to navigate. Speenz is an expert when it comes to mobile-optimized websites.

Your Website Design Voices Your Brand

The design and branding of your website should instantly portray your message and directly suggest what your business is all about. If your design is well organized and professional looking, a visitor can expect your business to be the same way.

The visuals need to speak to your target audience when it comes to color, selection of images, font styles, layout, and more. You don’t want your website to have a messy design because ultimately that will lead to lost trust by the visitor in what it is that you’re trying to convey.

Designing and optimizing your website for good marketing can be a tricky task. The Speenz website builder makes it easy to navigate with its user-friendly aspect and great support team.

Your well-designed website shares important information

Using data, Speenz optimized the best practices for displaying the most important information to your customers in ways that will get them to notice it. Information on your site should be organized in a proper way in order for the flow to run smoothly. Contact information, CTAs, supporting detail and visuals are all important aspects that need to be well-placed on your website.

Your website needs to be mobile optimized

You need to have a responsive design that is mobile optimized. With 50% of search traffic occurring on mobile devices, people need to be able to visit your website on their phone without running into any issues or blocks.

Using a website builder that allows you to easily sync the desktop and mobile display is imperative to the success of your website and overall traffic conversion. Speenz is a leading expert in mobile optimized website design.

Developing an SEO-friendly Website

Having an SEO-friendly website is imperative to driving traffic to your site. The search engines need to be able to crawl your page appropriately, with the goal of your website being ranked higher when people perform direct or related searches.

SEO-friendly website

Your website needs to display content in a way that the search engines can understand. That means HTML is key when adding any content to your website. You also need to keep in mind that crawlable link structures matter, meaning that the flow of your site/navigation needs to do just that – flow. All of the pages on your site, especially the important ones, need to be reachable and connected in some way. Sound like a lot of confusing work? The Speenz website builder takes care of this for you.

The next aspect of an SEO-friendly website is the use of keywords and targeting tactics. You need to determine your top keywords and make sure they’re displayed in the titles, metadata, and text on your pages. It’s important to keep in mind that you will be penalized for keyword stuffing if you use the words too many times on one page. Use them in a natural flow and strategically place them.

There is also a method to where the keywords should be placed on your website pages. The Speenz website builder is optimized for SEO best practice and will guide you in the way of proper on-page optimization.

When developing an SEO-friendly website, there are so many additional technical aspects that need to be on point including URL structures, meta tags, title tags, rich snippets, and more. Let an expert help you navigate the best practices to ensure you’re setting everything up correctly.

Reasons to Consider a User-focused, growth-driven site

In order to see the success you want when it comes to your website and marketing strategy, you need your site to be user-focused and build based on a growth-driven strategy. You need to focus on data, how your site is performing, and how users are interacting with your site in order to make decisions on updates, content additions, and more. You’ve heard the term UX right? This is what we’re talking about!

User-focused, growth-driven site

Here are a few reasons that you need to consider the end-user:

It’s cost efficient

Typically when you’re working with a website builder that’s focused on your growth and your increase in ROI, you’ll pay a monthly fee based on the services you need, rather than a very large chunk. This way, your website will be continually optimized based on the decisions that you make based on data month over month. You’re not committing to a one-and-done website that may not even perform well when pulling user data.

It allows you to adapt to different audiences

As your company changes over the years, you may find that your audience slightly changes too. You need to be able to make updates to your website based on these changes that could occur in the future. By utilizing a growth-driven site, you are able to continually update and remain relevant based on even the smallest of changes.

You can update designs based on trends

Keep up with the trends when you use an easily changeable, user-focused website builder. By doing this, you can continually produce fresh new looks based on what your customers want to see.

Launch your website faster

Save time and money when you go with a website builder that’s user-focused and growth-driven. Launch your site in a matter of days in comparison to the months and months that paying a traditional agency or web developer would take. If your website takes longer to go live, you’re greatly missing out on tons of business.

Leave it to the designers

Let the support and design teams handle everything that has to do with the build. Building a website is so time-consuming, but using this method will keep you from doing all of the work.

See an increase in conversion rate

Growth-driven websites focus directly on the constant improvement of your website based on what your audience wants and needs. By focusing on your conversion rate, you’re making sure that your website is designed to retain visitors and funnel them into a conversion.

Measure results and make business decisions

Take the guesswork out of your website performance as you will have metrics that are easily trackable and will allow you to make decisions for your business based on the data. Easily determine what’s working and what’s not working.

Beat your competitors

The advantages of user-focused and growth-driven website design helps you to stay above the competition as you maintain and update your site month over month based on collected data. From design, to copy, to overall flow, you have the power to change anything on your website to better convert.

Advantages of Social Media Platforms in your Business Website

Connecting your website to your social media platforms is a good way to attract potential customers to your business and help you to grow your audience over time. Social media is like an extension of your website and your brand, so it’s important to fully optimize your social media profiles to display and voice your message well.

Social Media Platforms for Business Website

By utilizing the connection of social media platforms with your website, you’re improving search engine rankings as you’re establishing better brand authority. You can drive users both ways when it comes to social media and your website. You can either drive visitors from your social channels to your site with links in your bios and your posted content, or you can drive visitors from your website to your social media channels.

Utilizing a proper strategy when integrating the two, both technically and visually is imperative to the success of connecting them in the first place. It’s important to only spend time utilizing the platforms that make sense for you based on where your audience is. The most important social media channel for most businesses on which to establish a strong presence is Facebook. Then, depending on what type of business you have and what content you are able to produce, you can make decisions on the others.

Speenz is an expert in seamlessly integrating your website and social media channels based on best practices geared toward top performance and conversion.

Benefits of Mobile-Optimized Website

With constant changes occurring in the digital world and the fact that 50% of search traffic is now occurring on mobile devices, a mobile-optimized website is a must for every business owner. Your website needs to display correctly with easy navigation on all types of devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and more. In the near future, Google’s search rank algorithm is going to be focused on a mobile-first SEO approach. That means that your website needs to be ready for these changes.

Benefits of Mobile-Optimized Website

Here are five benefits of having a mobile-optimized website:

Decreased bounce rate & increased time on your website

It’s hard to keep the attention of your website traffic, especially on a mobile device. Your website needs to be easy to navigate on mobile devices and designed based on mobile best practices that are known to keep and convert customers.

Improved UX

That’s user-experience – basically Google’s main focus when crawling your website. Data shows that over 55% of mobile users have run into a block when visiting a website on a mobile device. Don’t be that business that loses customers because their site isn’t set up for any type of device.

Improved mobile SEO

Your website needs to be built based on HTML best practices with proper link building and SEO optimized content. The Speenz website builder is focused on mobile optimized SEO best practices.

Faster load speed

A well-optimized mobile website will load fast with no issues. Visitors coming from mobile devices don’t want to wait for your website to load and will bounce if it’s not optimized.

Competitive advantage

A lot of business owners have not set up their website to be mobile friendly. By doing this, you’re giving yourself a huge edge over the competition. When their sites don’t perform well on mobile, yours will be there to save the day.

Overall, with the changing landscape and consumer behavior, optimizing your website for mobile is one of the most important things you can do right now. Speenz is ready to help.

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